Cymbals Twenty Custom

The Twenty Custom Collection is a newly designed series whose cymbals create lively, dynamic sounds on the highest level for a vast range of modern musical styles, such as R&B, Indie and Pop to Alternative Rock and Metal.

Intensively hand-manufactured from CuSn20 bronze, these instruments radiate powerful warmth and crystal-clear presence in a high class complex overall sound. Thanks to their glossy brilliant finish the Custom Collection cymbals draw attention on every stage.

Twenty Custom Collection has fast become the cymbal of choice for many Paiste artists and fans who are looking for a real shine from their cymbal look and sound, top UK session artist Jonathan 'Ginger' Hamilton says:

"I've quickly fallen in love with the new twenty series custom cymbals. I've added some of them to my setup since 2011 and they fit straight in. Such musical and versatile cymbals I can count on in most musical situations."

Twenty Custom Specifications

Since                                                                                                                        2011

Alloy                                                                                                                     CuSn20, also known as «Traditional Bronze»

Applications                                                                                                          Soft to extremely loud settings • Live and recording • Soul, R'n'B, Pop, Indie-Pop, Country, Latin, Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock and Metal