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The new PST8 defy the impossible. Using the legendary 2002 alloy that has been highly desired and celebrated for decades along with the Swiss production expertise and hand hammering processes, this 'mid-level' cymbal range embody everything you'd get in a top end Paiste cymbal at an unbelievably aggressive price.

Loaded with tone and finished with a clean, brilliant look, the PST8 are unrivaled in the value they offer, these guys punch way above their weight and so are enjoyed by artists who are on the road, gigging night after night.

At Paiste, we never sacrifice tone for the sake of affordability and the PST8 are the epitome of this mission statement, everything possible has been done to create the ultimate instrument, accessible to drummers of every level and aspiration.

What's more, in a pioneering step to support the growing popularity of the Cajon, Paiste worked tirelessly to create a dedicated set of hand percussion cymbals to help increase the diversity of the instrument. A set of compact 12" hi hats compliment the woody tones perfectly and sound fitting when played by hand, brushes, rutes or sticks. The sonically matched 16" crash has a fast response and balanced volume so you're never overpowering the deep tone of the Cajonera.

With a wide variety of sizes and weights, the PST8 will be sure to provide you with the ultimate set to enhance your musical expression whilst saving the stress on your wallet.

Check out the videos on this page to hear the PST8's in action!