News & Events Monochrome Pro Bag

Premium musical instruments such as Paiste cymbals deserve loving care and protection. Our new 22” Professional Synthetic Leather Cymbal Bag not only tends attentively to these needs, but also satisfies the demands of the modern day drummer with (quite literally) a 'bag load' of innovative features!

In addition to the monochrome styling, our newest cymbal bag features an integrated stick bag which can be easily removed via a heavy weight zip at any time. There's an external pocket big enough to house an iPad, an aperture for headphones and transparent inner pockets so that you can always find your drum key and small spare parts. We developed a hook-and-strap system for the removable stick bag so that it can be securely suspended from the floor tom, and incorporated solid handles in case you want to use the stick bag separately.

The cymbal bag’s sturdy synthetic leather upper and a soft inner fleece protect the cymbals from scratches and impact when storing and transporting your beloved set. The four dividers, made from the same robust fleece material offer additional security and protection. Internal base protectors located on the bottom of the cymbal bag protect the instruments from harm when setting the bag down in the hardest and smelliest venues. Heavy padded rucksack straps and a solid handle provide shoulder and hand saving comfort and support, no more nasty skin abrasions after a long, gruelling trek to the show, Amen to that!

The bag is available in the UK now, check out the dealer locator HERE to find your nearest Paiste stockist