Cymbals Formula 602 / Modern Essentials

Back in 1959 Paiste launched a series that was destined to become one of the world's most revered in the history of cymbal making - Formula 602.

Its fine, pure and always controlled musical tone was adopted by well-known drummers and percussionists including none other than Joe Morello, Art Blakey, Paul Motian, Ndugu Chancler, Jon Hiseman, Charlie Watts and a host more. Formula 602s were especially coveted as the ultimate cymbal in jazz, the burgeoning beat and rock music of the times, avant-garde and acoustic genres of music for more than three decades.

In 2012, after 52 years since it’s initial conception, the 602 is back, both in terms of sound and looks, the flair is faithfully re-created and as musically relevant today as it was back then. The black logo and red printed model designation will appeal to Formula 602 fans the world over.

The rebirth of the 602 drew such excitement and proved so effective, that Paiste formed collaboration with one of the worlds most influential, contemporary drummers to increase the sound dimension of the Formula 602. Vinnie Coliuta and Paiste joined forces to develop the MODERN ESSENTIALS, released to the world in 2013.

Vinnie’s idea was to create the missing link between really dark and bright, transparent cymbals. “I wanted to take some of that richness, warmth, darkness and a bit of complexity of the Signature Traditionals and combine that with the transparency and stick definition of the existing 602 sound. In retrospect, I think that Paiste Sound Development had a very similar idea. Their vision and my vision were completely in alignment.”

"Every step of the way they were able to perfectly execute the concept we had discussed together", the eminent drummer reflects on the efficient co-operation with Paiste Sound Development. “They weren’t trying to convince me of anything; I wasn’t trying to convince them of anything. If something had a particular characteristic, that I questioned, I would tell them. And sometimes I didn’t have to tell them anything, they could just read it on my face.”

The Formula 602 Modern Essentials is not a set of cymbals designed exclusively for Vinnie Colaiuta. The application of the cymbals covers a vast range of musical styles. "What I had in mind was something that most discerning drummers are looking for", Vinnie explains. “They are cymbals for many seasons. They can potentially cover just about anything I could think of. And it’s not specialized. It doesn’t control you, but you can control it.”

Formula 602 / Modern Essentials Specifications

Since                                                                                                                     1959

Alloy                                                                                                                  CuSn20, also known as «Traditional Bronze»

Applications                                                                                                         Low to medium loud settings * especially well-suited for recording, live * Jazz, Fusion, Blues, moderate Pop and Rock, Country, Folk, acoustic music