Cymbals 2002

2002 cymbals are the epitome of the Rock n' Roll cymbal sound. Used on countless numbers of rock, pop and metal albums by the greatest drummers of our time, they have changed little as they continue to embody the energy and spirit that makes a good performance great.

Refusing to be type-cast, 2002's serve many purposes but lend themselves to the brighter, louder side of life. Their bright, brilliant, warm and powerful tone cuts through muddy stage mixes and shines with clarity and precision on record.

Rock, Metal, Pop, Country... It's not important, the 2002 will see you right through any popular modern music genre!

2002 Specifications


CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"

Medium soft to very loud settings • Live and recording • Classic Rock, Blues, Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal & most Modern Metal styles, Crossover, Country Rock, Ska, Rockabilly, Funk, R&B, Soul, Gospel and modern hybrids rooted in those styles

Artist Inspiration

Big Al Ride Big Al Ride Alex Van Halen‘s setup always consisted primarily of 2002 cymbals so it’s not a surprise that the new "Reverend Al’s Big Ride", created in co-operation with Alex, is also part of the 2002 range. Soundwise this 24“cymbal is similar to the 24“ Giant Beat, which has been Alex‘s favorite ride cymbal since it’s re-release in 2005.

The Psychoctopus The Psychoctopus Aquiles Priester's 2002 GIGA bell 8" ride has a concise, dry and glassy clear ping sound and the large cup produces a quick, cutting, powerful, and dark bell-like sound when played with the shoulder of the stick.